A New Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and all of it’s grandeur is upon us along with the looming feelings of deadlines that come along with it and float through the air at the Jessie Liu Collection Atelier as a constant reminder that we must work faster. Valentine’s Day typically means candlelit dinners, flowers, love notes, and white chocolate truffles for most of the world, for us it’s the launch of a new season and the close of NY Fashion Week. Our team of dedicated women and men are working against the clock to develop the Fall/Winter 2018 collection in time for it’s debut. The apparel industry is a 24/7 business and fashion week runways, editors, and buyers don’t care if it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. They care that we develop, deliver, and present a perfectly packaged ready-to -wear collection for an audience of women that crave luxury.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped the clock? What if we resisted the need to conform into a box of runway, press, and tradeshow schedules or whatever the case may be for your specific circumstances? We certainly have wondered and albeit we will not test out the theory completely just yet, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research and make some adjustments along the way. We are launching our FW 2018 collection as planned but with less stress by skipping the most reveled part of the industry, fashion week. We will complete a premium collection on-time as we have done in previous seasons. The Jessie Liu Collection will offer women advanced contemporary, sophisticated, and unique styles with unpretentious luxurious undertones that transition seamlessly from one event to the next. This is not only what we do, it’s part of our existence. It’s our passion, and all fueled by the brilliance of our CEO and chief designer, Jessie Liu. The Jessie Liu Collection offers quality over quantity, luxe fabrications, and body skimming silhouettes with a lot of love sprinkled throughout with the hopes of manifesting positive energy along the way.

We are also skipping this whole romanticized view of Valentine’s Day and the falsity of love that it inspires. It’s foundation is antiquated and overrides the most essential aspect of love and that’s self-love. This Valentine’s Day we are making it a point not to ask our women staff members about the typical Valentine’s Day themes: flowers, bears, gifts, proposals, and roof top dinner dates. We will not encourage this doctrine of them waiting for the bestowing of these “fantastical trinkets” as proof as to the love of their significant others. Instead we are asking them to take the days and weeks leading up to and post Valentine’s Day to practice more self-love, acceptance, and personal indulgence. Everyone is valued here at Jessie Liu Collection, single, married, engaged, kids and no kids as individuals living life as they see fit. We often seek externally through appearances, status, holidays, gifts and work for a sense of fulfillment that is missing on the inside. When these “things” don’t align with society some women become self-loathing and that must end.

It’s time for a New Valentine’s Day! We are conducting a research project on self-love and what that means to women across the globe starting right here in our own design studio. Over the coming weeks, we will share the stories of our staff members, friends, family and your stories as well.

Please send your stories to our PR and content moderator ambriel@arthausagency.com. Make sure to answer the below two questions. You can include vision board images, a vacation that was inspiring, a book, a dress, or a quote. (Please submit all images on a white background.)

  1. How do you turn off the “noise of society” and practice self-love?
  2. Does your personal style reflect in your practice of self-love and if so how?

The stories will be reviewed and over the next few weeks, we will post as many of them as we can along with your personal style inspiration vision board. Remember, this Valentine’s Day and every day going forward that the only love that allows us to fully receive and give love is infinite self- love.

We will await your stories and in the meantime continue to give back. Our collective self-love efforts is a dedication towards assisting other women facing difficult circumstances. We donate 15% of all sales of the “Ada” luxe wool  “Pink Dreams” coat to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. This coat isn’t only stylish, versatile, but also reflects a good cause. In our opinions giving back is always a reason to wear pink.  Available now.


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